Saturday, June 25, 2016

Russian President Putin Is In China

Radio Free Europe: Putin's Pivot East Meets Tepid Chinese Enthusiasm

Vladimir Putin has invested a lot of energy trying to pivot eastward to China to counterbalance Western economic sanctions over Ukraine.

But when the Russian president visits Beijing on June 25, he is likely to find little enthusiasm on the Chinese side, partly due to China 's diminishing appetite for Russian natural gas amid its own economic slowdown.

Putin 's talks with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping will be the latest in a string of meetings that have seen the two leaders confer directly or on the sidelines of summits as often as five times a year recently. The frequency has fueled an impression that they are forging ever-closer relations based upon a mutual interest in energy, trade, and a desire to counter perceived U.S. global domination.

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WNU Editor: This is a very short visit. As to why the visit .... it is being done on the invitation of the Chinese President. As to what is expected to come out from these talks ....  to put it bluntly .... I do not see anything substantial coming out from this get-together.

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