Sunday, June 19, 2016

South Korea Prepares To Wage Cyber Warfare Against North Korea

A student, who requested to be known only by surname Noh and his face not to be photographed due to security reasons, sits in front of a computer while demonstrating softwares during an interview with Reuters at War Room at The Korea University in Seoul, South Korea, June 16, 2016. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

Reuters: Keyboard warriors: South Korea trains new frontline in decades-old war with North

In one college major at Seoul's elite Korea University, the courses are known only by number, and students keep their identities a secret from outsiders.

The Cyber Defense curriculum, funded by the defense ministry, trains young keyboard warriors who get a free education in exchange for a seven-year commitment as officers in the army's cyber warfare unit - and its ongoing conflict with North Korea.

North and South Korea remain in a technical state of war since the 1950-53 Korean War ended in an armed truce. Besides Pyongyang's nuclear and rocket programs, South Korea says the North has a strong cyber army which it has blamed for a series of attacks in the past three years.

The cyber defense program at the university in Seoul was founded in 2011, with the first students enrolled the following year.

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WNU Editor: The South Koreans are late to the game .... North Korea mounts long-running hack of South Korea computers, says Seoul (Reuters). More here .... North Korea engaging in psychological cyber warfare against South (UPI).

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