Monday, June 27, 2016

The Battle For Fallujah Is Now Over -- News Roundup

Daily Mail: Unexploded mortars, petrol bombs stacked up in schools and LOTS of destruction: Remarkable pictures from inside Fallujah show scale of devastation after Iraqi army retakes city from ISIS

* The Iraqi city was liberated by government forces after being under the control of ISIS for the past two years
* Now the government has begun the task of rebuilding Fallujah so those who fled can return to their homes
* Soldiers also have to prevent militants from launching another assault on the city which they held for two years

Pictures from inside Fallujah have shown the scale of destruction after Iraqi forces freed the city from ISIS control.

The city was the first in Iraq to fall to jihadis in January 2014 and it was the group's last major stronghold in the sprawling Anbar province.

It was full liberated at the weekend, and the first pictures since the fierce battle have shown the scale of devastation, including bombed out buildings, unexploded mortar shells and petrol bombs that were being lined up to be used inside a school.

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More News On The Battle For Fallujah

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