Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Impact Of Brexit On NATO And National Security

Christopher C. Chivvis: The Future of Transatlantic Security

Britain has voted to leave the European Union – what does that mean for transatlantic defense and security?

The United Kingdom's vote to leave the E.U. is a severe blow to the E.U.'s long-standing interest in building a common foreign and defense policy and could pose questions for NATO. Yet the impact of "Brexit" on practical cooperation – both between the U.K. and Europe and the U.K. and the United States – should be more limited, at least in the near term.

Brexit has no direct effect on NATO, but news of the referendum undoubtedly buoyed spirits in the Kremlin today, where leaders will view it as confirmation that Europe is weak and disunited. This could encourage a more aggressive Russian stance against NATO in the future.

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the objective voice said...

I don't understand how Britain's withdrawal from the EU will effect NATO. EU is not a defense pact, but NATO is. The EU and Britain will now simply have two political voices on defense issues. If Russia gets more agressive over this, then they have seriously misread the tea leaves.