Friday, June 24, 2016

The Islamic State Celebrates Britain's Brexit Vote. Calls For Terror Attacks To Paralyze Europe

ISIS is delighted at the decision to leave the UK

Mirror: ISIS calls for attacks in Berlin and Brussels to 'paralyse' Europe in wake of Brexit chaos

A jihadi Telegram channel expressed joy for the economic impact and fracturing of the EU following the British referendum

Islamic State has expressed its delight for the expected negative economic impact on the United Kingdom and the European Union following the British referendum - and called for attacks in Berlin and Brussels to “paralyse” Europe.

A jihadi Telegram - an encrypted messaging service popular with militants - praised the economic chaos that came in the wake of the EU Referendum and urged followers to strike at the heart of mainland Europe, according to terror threat monitor Site.

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Update: ISIS 'expresses joy' over economic turmoil created by Brexit vote as terror group calls for attacks on Berlin and Brussels to 'paralyse' Europe (Daily Mail).

WNU Editor: One more reason on why the West must stay vigilant.

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