Monday, June 20, 2016

The Pentagon Wants To Hire Civilians For Military Leadership Positions

The Pentagon, headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, taken from an airplane in January 2008. Wikipedia

Military Times: The Pentagon's controversial plan to hire military leaders off the street

Defense Secretary Ash Carter wants to open the door for more “lateral entry” into the military's upper ranks, clearing the way for lifelong civilians with vital skills and strong résumés to enter the officer corps as high as the O-6 paygrade.

The idea is controversial, to say the very least. For many in the rank-and-file military, it seems absurd, a bewildering cultural change that threatens to upend many assumptions about military life and traditional career paths. But while it's not universally embraced, there is interest in Congress and among some of the military's uniformed leaders — even, they say, in exploring how the services could apply this concept to the enlisted force.

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WNU Editor: If implemented .... it will completely change the culture of the U.S. military as we know it.


TWN said...

With the drafting of women and this program it look like US military is preparing for major expansion. The last time they took Civilians off the street and gave them rank was WW2. Canada had a similar program I know a Machinist that was given the rank of Petty Officer once he completed a basic course and not the same Basic as the kids were doing.

James said...

It's more along the lines of gaining a deeper political control of the services; think Political Commissars.