Friday, June 17, 2016

The Rich And The Powerful Still Live Well In Venezuela

An opposition supporter with a giant 100-bolivar note with the word "Hungry" written on it seen at a gathering to protest against the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro along with economic insecurity, and shortages. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins

Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE - 'Why shouldn't we enjoy ourselves just because the country is burning?' Super-rich Socialists quaff champagne in Venezuela country club while middle class mothers scavenge for scraps in the gutter... and even the DOGS are starving

* Venezuela's economy was destroyed by 'Chavismo', a form of Socialism, plunging the country into extreme poverty
* Most people are starving, forced to scavenge for scraps of rotting food in the rubbish dumps of its capital Caracas
* But MailOnline found pockets of incredible wealth in the impoverished city where life is still luxurious for the elite
* Meanwhile a 12-year-old scavenges for food and a five-month-old baby with life-threatening asthma goes untreated

Venezuela's super-rich are enjoying lavish parties and gourmet cuisine, while middle-class people are forced to scavenge for food as the Socialist country's economy collapses.

In the opulent Caracas Country Club, where membership costs an astonishing £77,000 – 458 times the average Venezuelan salary – glamorous women in cocktail dresses were seen relishing a banquet of beef and lobster, followed by a colourful selection of puddings.

Meanwhile, in the Petare slum a few miles away, home to 370,000 Venezuelans, ordinary middle-class people were rummaging in stinking piles of rubbish for rotten cabbage leaves, desiccated limes and scraps of fetid meat.

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WNU Editor: And apparently the person who is on the top of this food chain (or near it) is .... Hugo Chavez's 35 Year Old Daughter Is Venezuela's Richest Woman (August 31, 2015).

Update: A disturbing AP report on the collapse of Venezuela`s school system ... No Food, No Teachers, Venezuela Schools in Chaos (AP).


Jay Farquharson said...

Not a Chavezista amongst them,

"Sebastian" said...

"Hugo Chavez's 35 Year Old Daughter Is Venezuela's Richest Woman"

Surprised? Socialism in a nutshell..

TWN said...

It's the way with any system Socialist, Communist, Democratic, or Feudal the connected are able to rob the system, this is no surprise.

Aizino Smith said...

"Not a Chavezista amongst them,"

So Chavez's daughter is not a Chavezista is no among the richest, when she is the richest woman in Venezuela.

# Logic Fail


Did Chavez's daughter found a company like Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Steve Jobs?

How did she get that money?