Sunday, June 19, 2016

This Is The Russia That I Know

WNU Editor: The focus in the West is on Putin, his cronies, the Russian military, a depressed economy, and video shots of the Kremlin. The real Russia that I know .... as the above video reveals .... is very different.

Darn ... I feel homesick.


Anonymous said...

Good post WNU Ed, I enjoyed that. As you say, a very different spin to the usual views of Russia.

Anonymous said...

Somehow this images are remind me of post war germany.....36 .

phill said...

There's three takeaways I got from the video.

1. Man butt at the very beginning:(

2. There's bears:/

3. Glorious Russian women:)

James said...

I must point out the great tragedy this video portrays, the unspeakable poverty of Russian women unable to buy enough clothes to protect themselves from the ravages of winter. Forced to ski virtually naked and smile while doing so, surely something can be done to help them, why even I, far away, feel the urge to reach out and comfort... er help, yes that's it, help these wretched waifs.