Tuesday, June 28, 2016

U.S. Destroyer Plays 'Chicken' With Russian Warship In The Mediterranean (Video)

RT: US destroyer gets dangerously close to Russian patrol boat in Mediterranean – Moscow

The US guided-missile destroyer Gravely breached international navigation safety rules by coming within dangerous proximity of the Yaroslav Mudry, a Russian frigate, in the eastern Mediterranean, the Russian Defense Ministry has said.

The USS Gravely approached the Yaroslav Mudry, a Russian frigate, on June 17, passing across her course at a “dangerous” distance of 180 meters (55ft), the Defense Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

The encounter occurred in international waters. The Yaroslav Mudry did not deviate from her course and refrained from engaging in dangerous maneuvering with the US warship, the ministry added.

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WNU Editor:
Expect a Russian response soon.

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Anonymous said...

180m is not 55ft. More like 550.

B.Poster said...

550ft, in other words not very close at all. I watched the video and it didn't appear the ships ever came very close.

In event, expect the Russian messaging machine to have a field day with this. The Russians are the very best in the world at using the mddia to get their message out. In contrast, the US is the world's worst at using the media to get it's message out.

The US could do itself a HUGE favor by ebsuring it's military vessels don't come within 550 miles of Russian Naval vessels. No coming this close means no anti-American messaging victory for Russia. Furthermore with the current policy it's only a matter of time before the Russians sink US naval vessels and blow US military aircraft out of the sky.

The US destroyer and it's crew survived this encounter only because the captain of the Russian vessel and it's crew chose to allow them to survive. They may not be so fortunate in the future.

The main goal of US foreign pllicy needs to be to improve relations with Russia. Actions such as this are unhelpful to say the least. Additionally baving US naval vessels this close to Russian vessels makes the US vunerable to a false flag operation which Russia could use as a pretext to kaunch a full scale military attack against America.

Acting to ensure US vessels don't come within 550 miles of Russian vessels should help mitigate the risk of a false flag operation being launched against us and, in time, may help to kmprove relations with Russia. This in additikn to doing EVERYTHING and ANYTHING we can to undrmine and end sanctions against Russia can only help us and carries no downside risk.

Jay Farquharson said...

US Regulations require that all vessel within 500 yards of a US Navy vessel, operate only at minimal speed,

And you can do a cruising speed pass, at 1500 yards,

A high speed pass at 2500 yards.

At sea, the general rule of thumb is to keep a minimum of 2 nautical miles distance between your ship and another. At a cruising speed of 20 knot's, that's six minutes to a collision.