Friday, June 24, 2016

Will The United Kingdom Now Split Up?

Reuters: New Scotland independence referendum 'highly likely': Sturgeon

A second Scottish independence referendum is "highly likely", First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Friday, raising the prospect that the United Kingdom could tear itself apart after voting to leave the European Union.

Scotland, a nation of five million people, voted decisively to stay in the EU by 62 to 38 percent in a referendum on Thursday, putting it at odds with the United Kingdom as a whole, which voted 52-48 in favor of an exit from the EU, or Brexit.

"As things stand, Scotland faces the prospect of being taken out of the EU against her will. I regard that as democratically unacceptable," Sturgeon told a news conference in Edinburgh.

"I think an independence referendum is now highly likely."

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WNU Editor: The discussions and negotiations that will now follow this Brexit vote is going to take years. Same for Scotland and Northern Ireland's position in the U.K. and any relationship that they may want to have with the EU. Will there be an independence vote in Scotland .... not for now .... such a vote (if it should come to pass) will be dependent on how these Brexit negotiations proceed. On a side note ... there are now some in London calling for a break from Britain .... Londoners call for capital to break away from the rest of Britain following Brexit vote (Mirror), with even the mayor welcoming all immigrants to come to London .... After Brexit, London mayor Sadiq Khan tells immigrants: “You are very welcome here” (Fast Company).

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