Monday, June 20, 2016

World News Briefs -- June 20, 2016 (Evening Edition)

Fighters of the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) carry their weapons as they walk in the western rural area of Manbij, in Aleppo Governorate, Syria, June 13, 2016. REUTERS/Rodi Said

Reuters: Islamic State launches counterattacks on U.S.-backed forces and Syrian army

The Islamic State group launched a counter attack against fighters trying to capture the Syrian city of Manbij on Monday, inflicting heavy casualties on the U.S.-backed forces, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the militants said.

The monitor said the ultra-hard line militants won back three villages south of the besieged city in a surprise assault against fighters from the U.S.-backed Syria Democratic Forces, in which at least 28 SDF fighters were killed.

Two years after IS proclaimed its caliphate to rule over all Muslims from swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria, its many foes are advancing on a number of fronts in both countries, with the aim of closing in on its two capitals, Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq.

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Iraqi forces battle IS in Fallujah days after city's fall. Battle for Falluja will end in western district, says Iraqi commander.

UN relief wing foresees thousands more fleeing Fallujah amid ongoing fighting. IS conflict: Falluja 'humanitarian disaster' warning.

Islamic State suffers setbacks in Iraq, Syria.

Syrian forces advance on IS-held air base.

Dozens of US diplomats call for military strikes against Syria’s Assad. Dozens of State Dept. officials call for military action against Syria.

Turkey border guards 'shot Syrian children' - monitors. Turkish troops killed 7 adults and 4 children as they tried to flee Syria on Saturday.

Turkey arrests journalists, academic for 'terror' propaganda

Poll finds rise in support in Jordan for battle against IS.

Iran 'foils plot by Sunni militants to bomb Tehran'. Iran: 'Ramadan terror plot' on Tehran foiled. Iran claims disrupting major 'terrorist plot' in the country.

Bahrain revokes top Shia cleric Isa Qassim's citizenship. Lebanon's Hezbollah warns Bahrain of consequences over cleric move.

UN chief to meet Saudi prince amid Yemen row.


New demands threaten peace pact with Afghan militant group.

Canada condemns Afghanistan attack on embassy security.

Afghanistan: 14 Nepali security guards killed in Kabul. Kabul suicide bombing kills 14. Suicide attack on minibus in Kabul kills at at least 14.

North Korea threatens to strike US bases in case of provocations.

Indonesian navy fires on Chinese fishing boat in disputed waters.

Pakistan Afghanistan discuss border tensions after clashes. Pakistan, Afghanistan fail to reach border deal after deadly clashes.

Myanmar's Suu Kyi reiterates stance on not using term 'Rohingya': official.

With renewed fury, Japanese protest U.S. military presence in Okinawa.

Three southeast Asian nations to designate shipping corridor in piracy battle.

China builds world's most powerful computer.


'New' oil rebels spring from old in Nigeria's delta south.

Somali militants kill five police in north Kenya. Islamist militants kill five police officers in northern Kenya.

At least 20 injured as military clash with citizens in Guinea's north.

Raid on South Sudan state capital killed 41, official says.

Libya eastern government declares martial law.

Congo declares yellow fever epidemic, 1,000 suspected cases.

Egyptian ex-president Morsi sentenced to life in espionage trial.

Algeria blocks access to Facebook, Twitter and 3G services over exam paper leak.

Tunisia prolongs state of emergency for 1 more month.


Putin brings together presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Azeri, Armenian leaders agree to more Karabakh monitors. Azerbaijan hopes for political solution in Karabakh conflict.

In push for equal NATO status, Poland asks for flashpoint troops.

UK lawmakers convene in tribute to murdered politician.

Britain's rival EU camps resume campaign as polls show momentum for 'In'.

EU gives its Mediterranean mission right to search ships for Libya-bound arms.

Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit Xi Jinping in Beijing this week.

EU releases details on extended sanctions against Russia. Merkel insists Russia sanctions tied to Minsk accord.

More casualties among Ukraine troops as militants continue fierce shelling.

Croatia dissolves parliament for early vote.


25% of U.S. voters in 2016 race remain undecided: Survey.

Rio's new subway line is running out of time before the Olympics.

Venezuelans fingerprinted in bid to drive out president.

Mexico faces new protest after eight dead.

Mexico teachers protest: Six killed in Oaxaca clashes. 6 killed in Mexico during clashes between residents, teachers and police.

Trump removes campaign manager.

Donald Trump: U.S. must "start thinking about" racial profiling.

Biden to take shots at Trump in national security address.

An expensive reminder that Sanders still hasn’t dropped out: His Secret Service detail.

U.S. to reveal details of Orlando nightclub gunman's 911 calls.

Mexico Voice singer Alejandro Fuentes shot in Chicago.


911 transcript: Orlando gunman said he was Islamic soldier.

US officials vexed by homegrown terror threat.

With its Caliphate faltering, Islamic State rushes to indoctrinate children.

ISIS threat to U.S. air bases, South Korea intelligence agency warns.


Putin is considering selling $11 billion Rosneft, part of Russia’s corporate crown jewels.

Apple won't aid GOP convention over Trump.

Oil prices rise as global stock markets surge.

With oil price near $50, resilient U.S. shale producers eye new chapter.

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