Thursday, July 21, 2016

30 Defence Ministers Meet In Washington To Discuss The Campaign Against The Islamic State

New York Times: Military Leaders Discuss Plans to Counter ISIS Beyond the Battlefield

JOINT BASE ANDREWS, Md. — Officials from the United States and its allies in the fight against the Islamic State hammered out details on Wednesday about how to stabilize and govern the cities of Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria — the last big strongholds held by the extremist Sunni militancy — in the event that Iraqi and Syrian fighters retake the cities in the coming months.

But even as the officials were mapping out the day-after scenarios, they faced a bigger question, particularly in the aftermath of an attempted coup in Turkey and an attack the Islamic State says it inspired in France: Is the United States-led coalition winning the battle but losing the larger war?

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WNU Editor: The Kurds who are doing most of the fighting against the Islamic State were not invited .... KRG and Peshmerga left out of major anti-ISIS coalition conference (RUDAW). The Turkish defense minister did not show up .... Turkish Defense Minister Skips Major Anti-ISIS Conference (Daily caller). Syria and Russia .... I could be wrong but I did not see them at this conference. And as for the final take .... we are being told to expect this .... More US Troops Likely to Be Sent to Iraq: Gen. Votel (

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