Sunday, July 17, 2016

Are American Voters Nervous?

WNU Editor: From the AP ..... 8 years after hope and change, voters are angry, anxious (AP). What's my take .... I have faith in the future and a great deal of confidence that the U.S. will solve its problems .... but it is going to be a few rough years.


Matthew Dupuis said...

Sanders, Clinton, Cruz, and Trump ALL have radicals in their camp. Those radicals are unlikely to accept the results and remain quiet after the election regardless of who wins. The election will not calm those individuals; vitriolic demagoguery has a price. A few rough years indeed.

B.Poster said...

Electing Donald Trump as POTUS will be a step in the right direction to solving America's problems. At this point, about the only thing that might stop him would be a lack of money to conduct a proper campaign. While he is wealthy, much of his wealth appears to be in non liquid real estate. With that said I fully anticipate a resolution to this problem. The bottom line is Mr. Trump will be the next POTUS and all affected parties should act accordingly.

While Mr. Trump cannot solve America's problems by himself, his appriaches are a step in the right direction. While I'm pretty sure this question will not be asked in the debates, it should be. The question is "the US dollar will lose it's role as world reserve currency during your first term. This cannot be prevented. What is your plan to deal with this?" SinceMr. Trump will be the next POTUS, I'd love to know how he plans to respond to this. As for Hiliary, she will not be POTUS and even if she were she and her team are completely clueless to reality.

Simple American said...

The Republican 'radical' as you say, is a special flavor of crazy. But in my many years of following things of a political nature, I wouldn't label Clintonian Democrats as 'crazy'. Maybe radicalized factions of BLM, the anarchist and socialists who would vote if they vote, for a Dem, could be considered on the edge.

Hillary Clinton is a moderate liberal, actually slightly right of center, just like her husband.

I know it hurts all Hillary and Dem haters that, other than racial politics, democrats are more representative of American politics and social norms than the Republicans of all strips vying this year.

This is just a fact. Each national election is determined by how well the republican can snooker(read lie and obfuscate) their true intentions from the dummies and ill informed in the general population. This is the state of electoral reality for some time.

Accept of course, an interesting example in 1980 where all three contenders, Carter/Mondale, Reagan/Bush, and an independent candidate John AndersonWe're all in the barrel with a true and ever present threat to democracy the Trilateral Commission. Now in many tasty flavors, including fascism i.e. Trump. Fascism=corporate state!

Anonymous said...

Simple American...Hillary is center right? Really? I realize she may look center right next to socialist Bernie, but come on. She is a liberal!

"Each national election is determined by how well the republican can snooker(read lie and obfuscate) their true intentions from the dummies and ill informed in the general population. "

You say this like the democrats don't do the exact same thing. The truth is both parties are horribly corrupt.

Simple American said...

Sorry sir, that is just not the case. Politicians by definition are self serving and egotistical. But the motivations within the modern political parties couldn't be more different. Democrats are inclusive and open minded generally, ready for compromise, looking for commonality, ready to see the other sides point of view, accepting of other races, religions, philosophies, care about the aged, the education of young, equality of sexes, and sexual diversity, the need for compromise in legislation, and fair wages and workers rights, the environment. I really get tired of people trying to say that both parties, both candidates are equally corrupted by their lack of virtue, morality, selflessness, purpose, etc. it honestly doesn't wash. And yes, most of those qualities mentioned are middle of the road. Like Mrs. Clinton, middle of the road.

Anonymous said...

haha, wow you are one brainwashed partisan. where was this compromise on the ACA? the dems somehow passed it with only 51 votes in the senate!!! 51!!! no compromise there, just force it down the American peoples throat. if the dems would have compromised on some of the issues w/ACA the repubs would have been somewhat accepting of it by now and wouldn't still be talking about repealing it. I could go on and on about how you're wrong but I can see you're clearly blind to what the dems have done wrong over the years