Saturday, July 2, 2016

Australian Election Results -- News Updates July 2, 2016

Sydney Morning Herald: Australian federal election 2016: Voters walk away from Malcolm Turnbull, results on knife's edge

* Seat results: Jamie Briggs dumped, Pauline Hanson comeback, Tasmania breaks for ALP, bellwether falls to Labor, Green eyes on inner Melbourne
* Election day winners and losers
* Andrew Bolt urges Malcolm Turnbull to quit

Malcolm Turnbull's audacious double dissolution gamble looked to have backfired spectacularly on Saturday night as voters walked away from the first-term Coalition government in droves, raising the chances of another hung parliament and turmoil in Coalition ranks.

Mr Turnbull's failure to secure a strong majority from voters represents a significant boost for Labor leader Bill Shorten, who campaigned strongly on the party's traditional strengths of health and education, ran a fierce scare campaign about privatising Medicare and advanced an ambitious plan to cut negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions.

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Australian Election Results -- News Updates July 2, 2016

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