Monday, July 4, 2016

Chinese - Japanese Fighter Jets Are Now Beginning To Provoke Each Other

An F-15 fighter jet in Japan’s Self-Defense Force during a flight exercise. Credit Ko Sasaki for The New York Times

Reuters: China criticizes Japan over 'dangerous' jet scramble

China strongly criticized Japan over a scramble of military aircraft from the two countries on Monday amid a dispute over islands in the East China Sea.

Two Japanese fighter jets took "provocative actions" at a high speed near a pair of Chinese fighter jets that were carrying out patrols in the East China Sea on June 17, China's defense ministry said in a micro blog statement on Monday, without specifying where exactly the incident took place.

The Japanese planes used fire-control radar to "light up" the Chinese aircraft, the statement added.

Japan's senior military officer has acknowledged there was a scramble but has denied that any radar lock by the Chinese jet occurred or that the incident turned dangerous.

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Update: ‘Provocative actions’: China confirms military encounter with Japanese jets in East China Sea ADIZ (Sputh China Morning Post).

WNU Editor:
Chinese - Japanese relations have been deteriorating for months .... Chinese Foreign Ministry condemns Japan (CCTV). There are now even calls for a hotline to be set-up between the two countries .... Think-tank calls for China-Japan hotline to avoid conflict (Straits Times). As to what is my take .... there were 571 Japanese intercepts of Chinese fighter jets in 2016, for the last 3 months of 2016, there have been over 200.

Update #2: This is not going to help .... Japan trawlers driven out of East China Sea by Chinese boats (Asahi Shimbun).

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