Monday, July 18, 2016

Confidential Text On The Iran Nuclear Deal Leaked: Will Permit Iran To Move Quickly In Developing Nuclear Weapons Than Originally Promised

WNU Editor: This is an explosive (and exclusive) AP report .... the link is here .... AP Exclusive: Confidential text eases Iran nuke constraints (AP). The U.S. State Department first reaction is one of surprise .... State Dept Caught off Guard by New Report on Iran Nuclear Restraints Being Lifted (Washington Free Beacon).

If true .... this disclosure comes at an incredibly bad time for the Obama administration and for Hillary Clinton. It will only feed the narrative that they are not honest to the American people.

Update #1Iran: Secret deal 'will allow Tehran to expand key nuclear programme' in little more than a decade (The Independent)

Update #2: The UN has just published a critical report on Iran's compliance with the nuclear agreement .... UN: Iran Complying With Letter of Nuclear Deal, Not Necessarily Spirit (VOA). The Iranians have quickly responded .... Iran calls Ban report ‘biased’ and ‘unbalanced’ (Tehran Times).

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