Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Crackdown In Turkey Continues -- News Updates July 27, 2016

Reuters: Conspiracy theories flourish after Turkey's failed coup

Turkey's failed coup was financed by the CIA and directed by a retired U.S. army general using a cell in Afghanistan, said one Turkish pro-government newspaper. CIA agents used an island hotel off Istanbul as a nerve center for the plot, said another.

Turks are churning out conspiracy theories about who helped orchestrate the abortive military coup that nearly toppled President Tayyip Erdogan, with the United States - a close NATO ally but a traditional object of suspicion - top of the list.

"The coup was directed by this man," said a front-page headline in the pro-government Yeni Safak newspaper, alongside a photo of retired U.S. Army General John F. Campbell, the last commander of NATO-led forces in Afghanistan and before that the 34th vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army.

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WNU Editor: No one is now immune from this crackdown .... even investment advisers and brokers .... Turkey Extends Crackdown on Dissent to Coup Analysis by Brokers (Bloomberg

Crackdown In Turkey Continues -- News Updates July 27, 2016

Turkey to shut down dozens of media outlets -- AP
Turkey shuts scores of media outlets, sacks generals -- Al Jazeera
Turkey shuts down 130 media outlets after failed military coup -- FOX News
Turkey coup attempt: Nearly 9,000 soldiers joined plot - army -- BBC
Crack team of commandos sent to kill Turkey President Erdogan found hiding in Aegean caves -- National Post/The Telegraph
Turkey Closes Scores of Media Outlets, Dismisses 2,400 Soldiers, Officers -- VOA
Turkey orders another 47 journalists detained in post-coup crackdown -- Euronews
Birthplace of accused Turkey coup leader to be turned into public toilet -- The Independent
How Erdogan Pulled Off the Perfect Coup and Could Ruin Turkey -- David Rosenberg, Haaretz
This chart shows the massive size of the purge currently underway in Turkey -- Business Insider
Turkey crackdown by the numbers: Statistics on brutal backlash after failed coup -- Amnesty International

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