Saturday, July 30, 2016

Do U.S. Hedge Funds Support Hillary Clinton Or Donald Trump?

Zero Hedge: Hedge-Fund Handouts: Hillary Clinton $48,500,000 - $19,000 Donald Trump

Hedge funds are playing a far bigger role in 2016 than in past elections - and, as The Wall Street Journal reports, Hillary Clinton has been the single biggest beneficiary.

The lines around what constitutes a hedge fund aren’t always clear in the data, or in the financial industry. But the numbers are stark. The top five contributors to pro-Clinton groups are employees or owners of private investment funds, according to federal data released last week and compiled by, the center’s website. The data show seven financial firms alone have generated nearly $48.5 million for groups working on Mrs. Clinton’s behalf.

The total for Donald Trump: About $19,000.

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WNU Editor: This is one of the reasons why I am always saying that this is Hillary Clinton's election to lose. She has a lot of money to run and influence the electorate in this campaign .... and the spigot is now wide open for her. As to why are they supporting her .... if she wins they do not want to be impacted by this .... Full List of Hillary’s Planned Tax Hikes (Americans Tax Reform).

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