Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Donald Trump: I Would Consider An Aliance With Russia Against The Islamic State

Rick Wilking / Reuters

Reuters: Trump says he would consider alliance with Russia over Islamic State

Republican nominee Donald Trump said on Monday that if elected U.S. president he would weigh an alliance with Russia against Islamic State militants but rejected any suggestion Russian President Vladimir Putin might be trying to help him win.

Speaking at a rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Trump dismissed any suggestion that Putin's intelligence services might have had a hand in hacking the Democratic National Committee's email system.

Emails leaked last week disclosed that some party officials had been in favor of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic presidential nomination over U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and sought ways to thwart Sanders.

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Update: Trump says he would 'consider' alliance with Russia to fight Isil - but denies his campaign backed by Putin (The Telegraph)

WNU Editor: Donald Trump is not the only person who wants a deal with Russia to take on the Islamic State .... Top Pentagon Officials: Proposed Russian Deal In Syria Is ‘Not Based On Trust’ (July 25, 2016).


Anonymous said...

The US and Russia should be natural allies in this fight...Russia has much more military capability than America's Western allies, and more importantly the will to use it.

Bob Huntley said...

Doesn't the lease on Alaska run out soon?