Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Donald Trump Praises Saddam Hussein For Being 'Good' At Killing Terrorists

CNN: Trump praises Saddam Hussein's efficient killing of 'terrorists,' calls today's Iraq 'Harvard for terrorism'

Raleigh, North Carolina (CNN)Donald Trump on Tuesday once again expressed his preference for keeping dictators in power in the Middle East.

While acknowledging that Saddam Hussein "was a bad guy," Trump praised the former Iraqi dictator's efficient killing of "terrorists" -- despite the fact that Iraq was listed as a state sponsor of terrorism during Hussein's time in power.

Trump, who supported the Iraq War before the invasion and in the early months of the war, said the U.S. "shouldn't have destabilized" Iraq before pivoting to praising Hussein.

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WNU Editor: Saddam Hussein supported Palestinian terrorists .... Saddam bankrolled Palestinian terrorists (Scotsman) .... so I would not credit Saddam Hussein as being someone who is "very good" at killing terrorists. But as to his other claim that Iraq is now the "Harvard for terrorism" .... can't argue with that.

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B.Poster said...

That has been the conventional wisdom for quite some time that Iraq under Saddam Hussein provided a stable bulwark against Islamic terrorism. As such, Mr. Trump is simply repeating the conventional wisdom as laid out by the media and the "experts."

As for Palestinian terrorists, Israel is our most important ally and this should not be supported and anyone who does should be our enemy. With that said according to the media, the think tanks, and the "experts" Palestinian terrorists are "good" terrorists. As such, for the media to now go back on this in order to criticize Mr. Trump based upon what he's said now would make them seem sillier than they already seem.

As a businessman, Trump will likely be pragmatic in his dealings. After being led by extreme ideology in POTUS for the last going on 16 years, to have a POTUS who is pragmatic will likely be a welcome relief. There is some concern that a pure pragmatists may have no real values beyond their own promotion and this may well be the case with Mr. Trump.

Anonymous said...

Viva Mr Donald Trump for USA President he sure speak the truth and can hurt some feeling ..