Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Donald Trump Press Conference July 27, 2016

WNU Editor: I have been watching U.S. Presidential elections since 1980 .... and I have never seen another candidate hijack the other party's convention as Donald Trump did today in this free-wheeling and no holds bar news conference. He was on his game ... and watching the main stream media freaking-out during and after this news conference is priceless. This is one for the books. I only wish that Hillary Clinton would do the same thing .... but she has not had a news press conference for a year now, and she does not have her husband's gift .... who by the way gave (in my humble opinion) a masterful performance last night. No substance ..... and not really a speech .... but a great performance.

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Jac said...

Trump is a "media guy" as Reagan was a "great communicator" and that's enough.