Saturday, July 2, 2016

Eating Just MREs Will Destroy Your Body After 21 Days

Task & Purpose: Civilian Destroyed After Eating MREs For 21 Days

A journalist ate nothing but MREs for three weeks, and it basically destroyed him.

In January 2016, the Army put out a call for 18 to 62 year-old people to risk the health of their insides by participating in a study to test what 21 days worth of Meals-Ready-to-Eat would do to the human body.

It’s unclear whether or not someone actually answered that call, but the Independent Journal Review decided to stage a similar study of its own. And as a guinea pig, they chose reporter Juan Leon, who had never consumed an MRE in his life.

“I was the lucky volunteer,” Leon wrote.

The rules for the IJ Review challenge were simple: Leon had to agree to eat nothing but MREs for 21 days, and he could only eat two of them per day. Easy, right?

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WNU Editor: I prefer the meal that officers for the Royal Marines eat. Go to the link here (prepare for a laugh).

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Aizino Smith said...

So we have a sedentary (?) 50-ish reporter,who eats 2 MREs a day and he wants us to believe that caused him problems.

He looks pudgy and soft to begin with and we is starting the ramp of the bitter end of the bathtub curve.

What can you expect from poorly educated reporters?