Monday, July 18, 2016

Failed Coup In Turkey -- News Updates July 18, 2016

The full group, totalling 27 men, then were forced to stand on a staircase with their hands bound as they were paraded for the cameras

Daily Mail: 'Traitors on parade': Army masterminds behind Turkey coup appear on TV with their hands bound - as EU claims Erdogan list of 3,000 names to be arrested was prepared BEFORE uprising

* Military masterminds of failed Turkey coup have been paraded on camera
* EU commissioner Johannes Hahn has cast doubt on speed to coup arrests
* Indicated Turkey had a list of names of plotters before the coup even began
* Almost 6,000 judges and military officials have been detained since coup
* Among them is the commander of an airbase used by the U.S. military
* Almost 9,000 workers attached to the Interior Ministry have been sacked

Military officials accused of masterminding the failed coup in Turkey have been paraded on camera with their hands bound and ordered to give their name and rank before being taken to be interrogated.

The footage was allegedly filmed at a police station in Ankara where the men are being held in custody before they appear in court later today.

The release of the video comes after an EU official suggested the swift rounding up of nearly 3,000 judges and military officials after the failed coup in Turkey suggests the government had a list of names prepared beforehand.

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Failed Coup In Turkey -- News Updates July 18, 2016

Turkey widens post-coup purge, demands Washington hand over cleric -- Reuters
Turkey Widens Purge as Crackdown Continues -- NYT
Turkish Interior Ministry fires 9,000, detains others -- AP
Turkey still searching some coup plotters, no risk of new attempt: official -- Reuters
Turkey coup attempt: Police and officials purged -- BBC
Turkey removes 8,000 police across country: security official -- Reuters
Erdogan's revenge: Map shows shocking scale of Turkey tyrant's purge as 7,500 judges, soldiers and police behind coup are arrested -- Daily Mail
At least 208 people killed, 1,491 injured in failed military coup — Turkish PM -- TASS
Turkish finance ministry suspends 1,500 employees over Gulen links: ministry official -- Reuters
Turkish governors, senior civil servants removed from posts: CNN Turk -- Reuters
Turkey attempted coup: Thousands of police suspended -- AL Jazeeera
Turkey suspends leave for over 3 million civil servants: government order -- Reuters
Turkey has documents detailing failed coup attempt, prime minister says -- Reuters
Erdogan was just 'minutes from death' as two rebel F-16 fighters had his presidential jet in their crosshairs but didn't open fire during military coup, government claims -- Daily Mail
Turkey: Erdogan may restore death penalty with parliament approval -- CNN
Turkey coup attempt: Confusion over general's 'confession' -- BBC
Turkey: Ex-air force chief denies role in coup plot -- Al Jazeera
Police search Turkish air base used by US military that houses NATO's largest nuclear weapons storage facility after commander was arrested by Erdogan over coup -- Daily Mail
U.S. envoy to Ankara rejects suggestions U.S. backed abortive coup in Turkey -- Reuters
Allies Squabble Over Attempted Coup in Turkey, US Condemns Suggestions of Complicity -- ABC News
Turkey: Air Force Chief Confesses To Coup Attempt; What Of Gulen Conspiracy? -- Barrons
Erdogan's appeal to Islamists in wake of failed coup spurs fears for Turkey's future -- FOX News
In Istanbul, Optimism Fades to a Familiar Melancholy -- Tim Arango, NYT


RRH said...

They'd have done better to die fighting.

Si-vis-pasen- said...

I was thinking the same thing.
Hoping that Turkey won't be part of NATO countries any more:(

Jay Farquharson said...

There is no mechanism NATO for kicking Countries out, once they are in.