Tuesday, July 5, 2016

FBI Director: No Criminal Charges To Be Levied On The Hillary Clinton Email Server Case

WNU Editor: This story will be covered more extensively in the next few hours. The Hillary Clinton camp is celebrating right now.


TWN said...

The United States have become a Banana Republic, without rule of law.Sad.

B.Poster said...

The problem with an indictment is criminal acts have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. This was always going to be a long shot. As such, the best thing to have done would have been probably not to have spent so long on an investigation that was not/could not lead to indictment and not waste everyone's time.

Does this suggest bad judgment on her part by using a private server for government business that should exclude from being fit for POTUS? I would say so. Would a preponderance of evidence suggest criminal activity which is the standard in civil cases? Possibly.

Given the standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt that is required in American jurisprudence to obtain a conviction, this makes the job of American prosecuting attorney one of the most difficult in the world.

As I understand it in "banana republics" the government doesn't even need to bother with proving a case. Just have a show trial and obtain a conviction no matter what.

I do believe an argument could be made to relax the standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt which might make it easier to prosecute criminals and those who are pondering criminal acts would understand that convicting them will be much less difficult and it might make them less likely to commit crimes.

On the plus side for Republicans and Mr. Trump, it would seem the Democrats are now stuck with this flawed candidate. Had she been indicted which was going to be a long shot given how American jurisprudence works the Democrats would have been able to bring someone else in much easier.

Perhaps America is a banana republic after all. General Petraeus was prosecuted in essentially a show trial. He was the general whose counter insurgency strategy allowed the United States a face saving exit from Iraq. Many people in high positions in the US had staked their careers, their reputations, and much money on humiliation of the country they are supposed to be representing and its military. For that the general had to be punished and he did NOT help himself by having a mistress.