Monday, July 18, 2016

Former CIA Director Paneeta Describes The 'Worst-Case Scenario' In Syrian Civil War

CBS: Former CIA director on "worst-case scenario" in Syrian civil war

The next president will face countless challenges on day one. Among the biggest is the ongoing civil war in Syria. Margaret Brennan spoke with Leon Panetta -- a former CIA director, defense secretary, and White House chief of staff -- about the road ahead for U.S. involvement in the war-torn nation.

LEON PANETTA: Inaction is not an option in Syria because if you stand back, the situation is gonna get worse. Look, the best-case scenario would be to have Assad step down, to have a transitional government be able to establish itself representing each of the factions that are there -- the Sunnis, the Kurds, the Shias. And then, frankly, have the Russians and whatever is left of the Syrian forces join with the United States in going after ISIS to truly defeat them. That would be the best-case scenario.

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WNU Editor: Former CIA Director Panetta is describing the current situation in Syria ...and as for what the U.S. can do .... at the moment not much.

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RRH said...

If the U.S. would stop trying to socially engineer other peoples' countries to suit itself, things may be a but easier to deal with.

It's at the point now where fewer and fewer folks are interested in Washington's formulae for "fixing" Syria or anywhere else.