Monday, July 25, 2016

Former Defense Secretary Gates Believes The Next President Should 'Lay Down A Line' With Russia

Photo: Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates

CBS: Former Defense Secretary: Next president must "lay down a line" with Russia

Whoever wins in November will face a world of trouble on day one of the presidency. Margaret Brennan spoke with former Defense Secretary Robert Gates about one of the biggest challenges -- America's strained relations with Russia.

ROBERT GATES: I think Putin is one of these leaders who will push forward as long as there's no significant resistance. But he's not suicidal, he's not delusional, he's not crazy. He's a very calculating person who is playing a very poor hand with great skill.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Is Putin gaining influence?

GATES: I think that Putin certainly has reasserted Russia's role. You know, we basically excluded them from the Middle East in the early 1970's and they've had no real influence or presence there ever since, until the intervention in Syria. Now it's pretty clear that any negotiation on Syria, if there ever is one, Russia will be at the table.

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WNU editor: "Lay down a line" or what .... this type of rhetoric is not going to be helpful if one wants to lower tensions with Russia.


RRH said...

We constantly hear about "laying down the line" with Russia, or China, or North Korea etc. from these "officials". We never seem, however, to get around to "laying down the line" with poverty, unemployment, lack of health care, endemic white collar crime, corruption, global war and violence against women and children.

Past that,

Russia has beaten our "officials" to the punch when it comes to "laying down the line", not "standing idly by", invoking her "responsibility to protect" while "protecting her interests".

How dare she.

This is what has them so salty.

They should have a cookie and shut the f up.

Gunsmithing, rifles and shotgun said...

The big powers had better sit down and work this all out,all this tough guy garbage and finger pointing is not productive. This has gone on for way to long.

Anonymous said...

I love Russia they do not bother no one

Anonymous said...

That is not his goal. I am sure he is on the payroll of defense contractors and they expect a return on investment.