Saturday, July 23, 2016

Former Top NATO General: Russia Could Start World War 3 Overnight!

This is a map of how a US military think tank believes Russia could overrun NATO to take the Baltic States in just 36-60 hours. Even with a week's notice, NATO's 12-strong fleet would be no match against Putin's 27. Daily Mail

Sunday Express: NATO ON EDGE: Top military chief warns Putin is ready to start World War Three ‘OVERNIGHT’

VLADIMIR Putin could spark World War Three at any time by deciding to invade Poland in a matter of HOURS, a top NATO figure has warned tonight.

The Russian leader already has troops ready to launch a lightning takeover of eastern Europe in a move which would unleash a devastating global conflict on Europe’s doorstep.

And if NATO nations fail to respond to the threat with stronger resolve a future conflict could have “fatal consequences” for the decades-old alliance.

The chilling warning from NATO’s former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, General Sir Richard Shirreff, comes amid icy tensions between Moscow and the West.

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WNU Editor: The pro-NATO Atlantic Council report that is making this prediction is here .... Arming for Deterrence (General Sir Richard Shirreff and Maciej Olex-Szczytowski, Atlantic Council) As to what is my take .... its not going to happen. As for the General's prediction .... he is (after-all) pushing his new book .... 2017: War with Russia by General Sir Richard Shirreff - review (Evening Standard).

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