Friday, July 15, 2016

French President François Hollande Addresses Nation After Today's Terror Attack In Nice

Time: President Hollande Extends France’s State of Emergency After Nice Attack

French President François Hollande announced that he would extend his country’s state of emergency — due to end July 26 — by an additional three months, following the deadly attack in Nice Thursday when a truck plowed into a crowd of people, killing at least 80.

Hollande condemned the attack as a “monstrosity,” and said there could be no doubt that it was an act of terror. “France as a whole is under the threat of Islamic terrorism,” he said. “We have to demonstrate absolute vigilance and show determination that is unfailing.”

Following Hollande’s speech, French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve confirmed that the death toll had risen to 80. Dozens were injured in the attack, with 18 in a critical condition.

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WNU Editor: French President Hollande says something that American officials from President Obama on down refuse to say .... After Nice Attack, Francois Hollande Says All France Under "Islamist Terrorist Threat" (AP)

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