Thursday, July 14, 2016

French President Hollande’s Barber Earns $132,000 Each Year

France 24: French President Hollande’s barber ‘makes €10,000 a month’, sworn to secrecy

The barber who tends to French President François Hollande’s hair earns a monthly net income of €9,895, a French newspaper revealed Wednesday, adding that the hairdresser is also committed to secrecy and needs to be available 24/7.

Identified only as Olivier B., the president’s hairdresser started on his five-year contract when Hollande took office in 2012. The contract also includes perks including financial aid with housing “and other family-related advantages”, weekly satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchainé said, citing his lawyer Sarah Levy.

But the job requires full commitment, the lawyer said in the article published on Wednesday, meaning the hairdresser needs to be “available for the president 24/7”, and is sworn to secrecy regarding any information he may learn while on the job

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Update #1: Bad hair days for François Hollande over €10,000 coiffeur bill (The Guardian)
Update #2: Balding French President Hollande Spends $132,000 On His Hair Each Year (Vanity Fair)

WNU Editor: It is always the little things that destroys politicians .... this is French President Hollande’s "little thing" that will guarantee his defeat in the next election.


James said...

I'll take a wild guess and say maybe the money isn't about cutting his hair. After perusing said Hollande's hair, I certainly hope that is the case.

Aizino Smith said...

"It is always the little things that destroys politicians ."

Sort of like other passengers walking through 1st class?

Why did constant trade in in of wives/significant others/girlfriends not do in Hollande?

Are women like cars?