Thursday, July 28, 2016

German Chancellor Merkel Says She Won’t Reverse Refugee Policy And Will Welcome More Refugees

The Guardian: Angela Merkel defends Germany's refugee policy after attacks

German chancellor says country will stick to its principles in aftermath of wave of violence

Angela Merkel has delivered a staunch defence of her open door policy towards refugees, insisting she feels no guilt over a series of violent attacks in Germany and was right to allow hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees to arrive last summer.

“A rejection of the humanitarian stance we took could have led to even worse consequences,” the German chancellor said, adding that the assailants “wanted to undermine our sense of community, our openness and our willingness to help people in need. We firmly reject this.”

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WNU Editor: She is totally delusional .... and the new measures that she is proposing will do nothing to stop what is now Germany's number one issue for the public.

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Anonymous said...

She has a lot of blood on her hands

Anonymous said...

Psychopath like Hillary

B.Poster said...

Ms. Merkel has gone mad. She belongs in a mental institution for the insane not in public office. What procedures do Germans have to remove mad men and women from office? While I'm not German and cannot and would not tell them what to do, I would suggest they use such procedures immediately.

Unfortunately the madness is not limited to Germany. It seems it is indicative of much of the "west." At least for the "west" as a whole there may be some hope. 1.)The British voted to exit the EU. 2.)While not the optimal candidate, enough Americans had the good sense to nominate Donald Trump for POTUS. Now do enough Americans have the good sense to vote for him on election night? Time will tell but I suspect the do.

As such, at this point, the questions is not will he be elected. This is pretty much a given. The question is what kind of POTUS will he make. Time will tell.

RRH said...

It's part and parcel to the ideology of neoliberal globalization that many "western" leaders are clinging to despite the fact that it is falling apart all around them.

Anonymous said...

Over 1,000 women raped in the streets of Cologne...and this Mad Queen wants more's amazing that the German people don't overthrow her

B.Poster said...


I think you nailed it. I don't think I could have put this any better myself.

In America at least, we have been governed by ideology for almost the last 25 years. It seems to not be much different in the rest of the "west." The trouble is those with the most invested in an ideology it seems will often cling to it until right before their death and will ignore all evidence that points to its failure.

Mr. Trump has often been accused of having no core values. This may well be true, however, I think large ideologues mistake pragmatism for a lack of values. It does seem clear we are going to get a strong dose of pragmatism under President Trump. Will this be enough to turn things around for the United States? Time will tell.

TWN said...

Old rat bag, hope the German people tar and feather it.

fazman said...

Making decisions to be seen to be erasing the past is never a good thing.
She will be thrown out on her ear

Aizino Smith said...

Next election scheduled are August 2017 to October 2017.

Does Germany have snap election like Britain?

Do they have votes of no confidence?

Merkel was a communist era politician in East Germany.

She needs to go.

Anonymous said...

Killing her own people just to please Muslim world

D.Plowman said...

Continuing with her open legs policy I see...

Merkel, close them! Nobody wants to take a gander at what your hiding up there!

Jay Farquharson said...

"(TAP)- Minister of Justice Omar Mansour ordered the Public Prosecutor at the Court of First Instance in Sousse to initiate a criminal investigation into the rape of 41 Tunisian children by a French national.

In a statement released Tuesday, the Justice Department called for the need to accelerate the execution of the letter rogatory issued by the French authorities to render justice to the victims.

The jurors of the Assize Court of Yvelines (Paris) had condemned French aid worker Thierry Darantiere, 52, to 16 years in prison for having raped or sexually abused at least 66 boys, including 41 Tunisians."

Aizino Smith said...

"Tu quoque! Tu quoque! Tu quoque! Tu quoque! Tu quoque! Tu quoque!Tu quoque! forever and anon" -JJ

Aizino Smith said...

There is more to JJ story than meets the eye.

I would like to know how this animals met the boys. Was there a good Muslim procurer involved? there probably was. "which denounced the silence of the Tunisian authorities about the case" Why?

Personally, I do not think the French should prosecute this gay guy living the dream. I think the French should hold him until the Tunisians ask for him and then extradite him with all speed. The Tunisian should have him tried, convicted and executed in a month's time.

Why don't we have the perp's name? might we learn too much.

. "which denounced the silence of the Tunisian authorities about the case" If the Tunisians do not want him, then the French can air drop into an ISIS vilayet in a a remote Tunisian valley. ISIS is not totally evil, just 99.9% evil. I am sure ISIS would execute these loathsome beast inside of 2 days.