Thursday, July 21, 2016

Heavy Fighting Returns To The African Country Of Mali

Reuters: Fighting erupts over northern Mali town of Kidal

Fighting broke out in the town of Kidal in Mali's desert north on Thursday between pro-government militia and a Tuareg-dominated rebel coalition, town residents and a fighter said.

The violence highlights the increasing fragility of a U.N.-backed deal signed a year ago between the government in the southern capital Bamako and northern armed groups that was meant to end a decades-long cycle of uprisings.

The sound of gunfire rang out in Kidal, one of northern Mali's main towns, from around 4 p.m. (1600 GMT) and sent residents fleeing indoors for cover as clashes quickly spread.

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Aizino Smith said...

If France is out of the picture because they have to fight at home, then North Africa is open.

Obama's laissez-faire approach of let Africa fend for itself is paying dividends in the worst way.

The LRA is still in the field, Obama has not brought any girls home in Nigeria, and Islamist groups remain undefeated after years of petty action and much inaction.

It has been noted that Obama should go with his dream and nominate a Secretary of Hash Tags.

Obama has not helped Kenya much, which is his "old country". He wants the bennies, but not the work. M

Maybe his inaction in Kenya can be explained that he is really Frank Marshall Davis;s child and not Obama SR's. Maybe his white grand parents arranged the marriage so as to prevent even more opprobrium to fall on their daughter and grandson.

What could SNPs taken from a genetic sample taken from a cigarette butt, glass or fallen hair reveal?

Do Malia and Sasha have only West African & European DNA and no East African DNA?

That would make the book "Dreams of My Father" a lie, if this were true.

Maybe a waiter could provide a glass.