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Here Is The Current Breakdown Of US Citizens Killed By Cops In 2016

Zero Hedge: Breakdown Of US Citizens Killed By Cops In 2016

In the U.S. a total of 509 citizens have been killed this year alone by police. The body count for the previous year stands at a grand total of 990 people shot dead, according to the Washington Post. As the below infographic from Statista shows, most of those killed by police are male and white. 123 of those shot were Black Americans. This is a relatively high share, keeping in mind that close to 13 percent of Americans belong to that ethnic group.

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WNU Editor: Some inconvenient truths.


Solomon said...

so 13% of the population and just under 50% of the shooting deaths sounds about right to you? fucking amazing.

Anonymous said...

24% is not just under 50%...

Anonymous said...

The level of math understanding displayed in some ZH comments is a thing of beauty.

Jay Farquharson said...

An "inconvenient truth" is a truth that does not fit the narrative and upsets the conventional norm.

War is Boring has an article up on the DPD's "problems",

it's an "inconvenient truth" that Dallas remains a highly segregated city,

and it's an "inconvenient truth" that the key mean's the DPD used to reduce their 2013-2014 spike in shootings of minorities, was to significantly pull back policing of minority areas.

WNU Editor is not saying "so 13% of the population and just under 50% of the shooting deaths sounds about right ",

He is saying that the statistic's support the BLM meme that African American's are killed by police in disporportanate numbers.

fazman said...

Can l have a breakdown of the number of u.s police officers murdered by minorities , along with the offenders prior offence record.

Jay Farquharson said...

It's really easy to find statistics on LEO death's in the US as multiple Police and Government groups track and classify every LEO death.

according to the National Law Enforcement Association, 123 Officer's died on duty in 2015.

Complete statistic's are not yet available for all of the 2015 cases, but of the premilinary statistics, ( January to July), 58 officers died in the line of duty, 18 in shootings, 27 in car accidents and 13 from other causes.

In 2014, LEO's ranked 15th in "Most Dangerous Jobs", far behind number #14, Maintenence and Repair Workers, General, and just ahead of #16, Groundskeepers.

Anonymous said...

the statistics also say that there is more crime committed by african americans.

there's also a disproportionate amount of men being killed by police than women...maybe the police are also sexist???

Jay Farquharson said...


Technically, a larger percentage of African American's are charged, tried and convicted of crimes.

Most of that is produced by institutionalzed racism and affuenza.

If the NYPD and NYAG enforced and prosecuted Morgage and Banking Fraud crimes with the same energy they put into enforcing the illegal sale of single cigarettes in NYC alone, 897,482 Bankster's would have gone to jail between 2004 and 2015 in NYC alone.

RRH said...

See, that's the kind of statement we need to be hearing regarding the issue at hand.

Right on Jay

Jay Farquharson said...

Sadly, it's the same in Canada, mostly with First Nations.

I know that if I'm drunk, downtown after dark, the Police will give me a free ride home, a Septewimuick man or woman, will go to jail and face a judge the following day.

""The vast majority of interactions between police officers and civilians end routinely, with no one injured, no one aggrieved and no one making the headlines. But when force is used, a new study has found, the race of the person being stopped by officers is significant. The study of thousands of use-of-force episodes from police departments across the nation has concluded what many people have long thought, but which could not be proved because of a lack of data: African-Americans are far more likely than whites and other groups to be the victims of use of force by the police, even when racial disparities in crime are taken into account."

Sadly, in my experience of living and working in the US, most whites were either blindly racist, or pretended racism didn't exist anymore.

War News Updates Editor said...

Jay. It's changing in Canada, and not for the good ... and Canada does not have the racial history that the U.S. has ... so how is that possible? Not far from where I live there is (for all intents and purposes) a black ghetto .... and all the problems associated with black ghettos in the U.S. are now here. Crime, high-school drop-out rates through the roof (over 50%), unemployment, single parent households, businesses and whites fleeing, and when the cops show up .... hostility and confrontation is almost always the outcome. And while the focus is on the racism that blacks are faced with .... it is also a two way street .... especially for whites who still live in these communities.

As for First Nations .... I live across the St. Lawrence River from the Kahnawake reservation. The anti-white racism in that community would make the Klan blush in embarrassment.

War News Updates Editor said...

My experience in the U.S. is slightly different than yours Jay. I find Black - Hispanic relations to be far more hostile than white-black or white-Hispanic relations .... and I think it all comes down to economics. Hispanics have squeezed out blacks on the low-level entry jobs .... and it has hurt a lot of people.

Si-vis-pasen- said...

This situation is getting out of control I wish is something that we can do at our community level but seems like the big guys have intended to create this division,here is a question for the commentators,this is only based on my conclusions and is just an observation (how the sniper figured out the black lives matter protest route?)
When only the organisers know it. Let see if the FBI can figure this out.

Jay Farquharson said...

So, as a British Colony, the Colonies that later made up Canada, had slavery but started down the path of abolition in 1793.

You know that really whiny bitchy part in the Declaration of Independence about being "deprived of our property"?

That part's in there because during the American Revolt of Treason and Sedition , the Brit's promised and slaves that revolted or fled to British held areas, and took up arms, freedom and land. It was all Adam Smith could do to get Jefferson to hack his 9 paragraph's pissing and whining about losing his slaves, down to that one line.

Of couse, when the Loyalist's fled north, they brought their slaves, who were eventually freed, then given swamp bottom lands and employed in the wage slavery of sharecropping and restricted trades. So, we basically forgot about them, except when a community got too upiity, their swamp land turned out to have some value, or they could be used as a convenient political prop. African-Canadian's got the vote in 1837.

Like the US, we had Segregation as well until the early 1950's and the last Segregated school was finally closed in Nova Scotia in 1983.

Yup, 1983.

With the industrialization of Canada, starting in the 1870's, Rural communities of African Canadian's moved to Montreal, York and other area's where they took the segregated jobs available to them and built neighborhoods. Starting with the de-racialization of Canadian Immigration policy in the '70's, these communities grew with the addition of immigrants from dominantly, the Carribean, ( more recently, Haiti and Africa).

For a variety of reasons, a minority of children of first generation immigrant's tend to have a high crime rate. ( It's much less common when Canadian families sponsor immigrants and refugee's vs. The Federal and Provincial programs, probably because of the greater levels of support).

Like I said in a prior post a long time ago, had you moved to my parent's neigborhood in the '90's, everybody would have sold their houses for $0.50 on the dollar, because the only Russian's we knew were the White Russian's who were involved daily in brutal murders and shootings with the Iranian's over prostitution and the cocaine trade.

As for the Khanawake Mohawk's, well, in reward for their military service in King Phillip's War, The American Revolt of Treason and Sedition and that other War Where We Burned Down Washington,

Under Treaty they were given a large reservation and status as a Sovereign Nation. That of course, didn't last long, most of the Reservation was illegally carved off for white folks and their Soverign ststus was ignored until Supreme Court rulings in the 1980's. It didn't help either that the Surete Quebeck treated the reserve as their own private "Indian Hunting Ground" until post Oka.

Despite a litany of Land Claim's and Supreme Court rulings, the general concencus amongst Montreal area Councillors and Property Developer's, is that if they could just bulldoze the Reserves under, along with their inhabitant's, and put up Condo's Golf Courses and Box stores in their stead, the Metropolitan area would be greatly improved, and roughly every two years, they try again. The racism you experience on the Reserves, is a mirror of the Racism the Mohawk's have experienced since 1838.

Jay Farquharson said...

Once the DPD, the City and the BLM Organizer's had agreed on the route for the protest, and the permit process was complete, the City posted the route and the permit's to the City Permit Website, two day's before the protest's were scheduled.

The only "cures" for Racism, is not to teach it, and not to tolerate it.

Jay Farquharson said...

The program of divide and rule still works.

RRH said...

Everything Jay said is well documented and worth learning about. These are some of the best books I've read on the subjects.

War News Updates Editor said...

Jay .... you have just made one of my points that I always push in my life .... a point that I have brought up with my friends in Kanawake, and with a Muslim black leader who is my friend in my community.

As an immigrant who came from a society that is completely different from Canada and the U.S. ... I have a certain different perspective that people who were born here, and whose families have existed here for generations.

That perspective is that I do not live in the past.

In the Soviet Union .... now Russia .... we had a choice. Live everyday with what the Germans did during the World War II .... the utter destruction and the deaths of millions .... or move beyond that and embrace a different future. Fortunately .... while that road has been difficult, a future oriented view was adopted.

Moving and living in Canada and looking at what is happening in the U.S. .... I see a different view .... many still live in the past.

Because of an educational project that I have online, I have met many native leaders .... and they always bring up (just like what you did) on the past. My response is simple .... Canada is an immigrant community, and the people who live here have no connection to that past .... not even remotely. But even with this condition, the people of Canada have gone out of there way to elect politicians who have made it a policy to make amends. That policy has resulted (and it is still ongoing) the transfer of land and resources worth hundreds of billions of dollars. It has also instituted policies of "no personal taxes", university and other educational quotas, and social programs too numerous to mention. As a result of these policies I have seen success and utter failure .... the Cree of Quebec are the poster child of what proper and responsible native leadership can do (and surprise .... there is no racial bitterness) .... and as for those who have failed .... I am sure that your list is as long as my own (and in these communities there is deep racial hatreds).

I do not have any connections to the black community in the U.S. .... but I have a lot in Montreal. Same story .... but with a caveat .... the ones who are successful are the ones who are most despised by their own community. Envy is a terrible monster .... and a weapon that has unfortunately been effectively used by many on the left.

What is ongoing in the U.S. is tragic .... and it tells me that a new direction is desperately needed. 50 years of laws based on race, trillions of dollars spent, culminating in the election of a black U.S. President .... all of this has changed nothing. Black unemployment and poverty since the 2008 financial crisis has devastated the community, and with now millions of new immigrants coming into the U.S. and taking jobs that blacks have historically worked in .... it is creating an underclass that is truly frightful .... and it is all based on race and culture.

As I said in the beginning .... will the U.S. continue to live in the past, or will they look at the future .... at the moment ... it is the past because it is in the interest of many to continue to live in it.

Jay Farquharson said...

WNU Editor,

Immigrant's come here to "escape" their past, and build a future.

As we saw during the Yugoslav Wars and now during the Donbass War's, even many generations later, many havn't left their pasts behind.

For First Nations, they have to reclaim their pasts, ( the early Treaty Days for the Treaty Tribes, 1873 for the non-Treaty Tribes) to reclaim a future, and this is not something they have to do once, then move forward, this is something they have had to do, year after year in our Court and Govenment systems,

( for the Delganuuwk, 180 years in Court).

One a land claim is properly settled, then Band's get to move forward, but for Urban Bands, the challenges are different, because of the value of their land.

The Northern Cree are lucky. Aside from Residental Schools, TB Hospitals etc, they never had to leave their past, ( traditional lives and land), never had to live alongside Quebecqois, and got to leverage Hydro Quebec to get their land claims and Treaty issues rather quickly settled.

Urban Band's arn't so lucky.

RRH said...

It is very difficult to leave the past behind when just as you feel you are moving forward someone calls you a nigger or dirty Indian. I know a few Haitians too and they have told me that in Haiti, the wealthy, especially the mulattos, treat everyone else like shit while never failing to avail themselves of the fruits of their labour or a foreign military intervention to ensure their continued rule.

Envy is sometimes a word ascribed to genuine disgust or ambivalence born out of experience with the "envied". It is a word often bandied about by those of haute couture at their laissez faire $500 a plate galas where they sit on their c###s and figure out ways to turn the clock back 100+ years on wages and working conditions. "Oh Dawwwling, pahay no mind to those dirty proles picketing out front. They awwww just jealous of owwwa success. Please pahhhhhssss the grey poupon".

It's hard to move forward and forget the past when a bunch of rich crooks are always scheming to bring back the 19th century. It's just one more reason why it a few on "the left" just can't get over October 1917.

War News Updates Editor said...

"Forget the past."

Three simple words with so much power. Forgetting the past takes strength. But in doing so, it can bring so much peace. I am sure that forgetting the past will one becoming healthier due to less stress. I am sure that the world could be made better if one would let go of past hurts.
Nelson Mandela

Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.

RRH said...

As the the saying goes,

The cream rises to the top. So does the scum.

And that is true among every single ethnicity on Earth. For every good Cree there's a corrupt Chief. For every hard working Black entrepreneur, there's a gangsta. For every honest white businessman, there's a slimeball scam artist. For every hard working immigrant restaurant owner there's a track suit wearing pimp and drug dealer. In fact, it's easier and more rewarding in this society to be scummy than to be honest and hard-working, so the scumbags outnumber the good folks. But one only has to look at what sits on the top of the society to see where the values "trickle down" from.

One reason why the crime rates are so high in black neighbourhoods, is that it's the kind of crime accessible to people of lower means and that means higher visibility. They don't have or own the means to cover up their tracks with media monopolies, legalese, or "Common Sense" AstroTurf revolutions. They steal, kill, and deal with little of the well sanitized, dignified nobility of their wealthy counterparts but, still and all, they is gettin' to da top. They see who sits on top and understand full well what it takes to get there.

To me the difference between the corrupt Chief, gangsta dealer, pimp and the "entrepreneur" that constantly, routinely cuts wages, hires semi literate fascist thug "foremen" and private security to threaten and harrass "recalcitrant" workers, raises working ours, abuses foreign workers and programs, guts benefit plans, pays into think tanks, political parties and lobby groups to ram through more shitty legislation/policies which hurts working people domestically and internationally, it's just antiseptically referred to as "good business" or "staying competitive". All this while their paid hacks and court academics, -agsin, colour is not a factor, ever read Thomas Sowell?-- burb up claims that this is "the end of history", cuz they says so.

Again, the scummyness crosses all so-called "racial" or ethnic lines and that is why all this racism B.S. in the U.S. and elsewhere is so bloody annoying because at this point in, and throughout, history, it's all about class. The good, honest, humble businessperson, who works for what they have and appreciates those who work is a dying breed and the belief in them in today's sea of filth and stink is most assuredly, no offence Editor, living in the past.

Look at the President of the United States of America. Look at what is running for the President of the United States. Who do you think puts those people in those positions???? People like us?? Black? White? Hispanic? Who cares? The attitude of those on the top is the same.

You are fifty years too late for that old time business stuff. But you, and we, may be right on time to see one of the worst civil wars in history happen right next door. Just so a bunch of well heeled, useless, parasitical, crooks can brush over their filth with other people's blood. Always other people's blood.

That's history and the future.

RRH said...

"I am the product of the masses of my country and the product of my enemy."

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

Guess who scared the apartheid government more.

"I am a Shawnee. My forefathers were warriors. Their son is a warrior. From them, I take my only existence."


"It is well known that ancient Rome looked upon the ancestors of the present-day Germans and French in the same way as the representatives of the “superior race” now look upon the Slav races. It is well known that ancient Rome treated them as an “inferior race,” as “barbarians,” destined to live in eternal subordination to the “superior race,” to “great Rome”, and, between ourselves be it said, ancient Rome had some grounds for this, which cannot be said of the representatives of the “superior race” of today. (Thunderous applause.) But what was the upshot of this? The upshot was that the non-Romans, i.e., all the “barbarians,” united against the common enemy and brought Rome down with a crash. The question arises: What guarantee is there that the claims of the representatives of the “superior race” of today will not lead to the same lamentable results? What guarantee is there that the fascist literary politicians in Berlin will be more fortunate than the old and experienced conquerors in Rome? Would it not be more correct to assume that the opposite will be the case?"

Guess who?

History is everything.

Jay Farquharson said...

WNU Editor,

For the First Nations, their past, is their future.

If they "forget the past", they have no future.

Jay Farquharson said...

BTW, "forget the past" has been Canada's message to the First Nations since the Second Metis Rebellion,

"Forget the past treaties",
"Forget your past languages"
"Forget your traditional skills"
"Forget your Elders"
"Forget your Culture"
" Forget the attempted Cultural and actual Genocides that finally ended in the early 1980's".

RRH said...