Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton Has Chosen Sen. Timothy M. Kaine (Va.) As Her Vice-Presidential Running Mate

Washington Post: Sen. Timothy M. Kaine of Virginia chosen as Hillary Clinton’s VP

Hillary Clinton has chosen Sen. Timothy M. Kaine (Va.) as her vice-presidential running mate, completing a Democratic ticket that prizes experience and traditional notions of public service in a political year dominated by Republican rival Donald Trump’s unorthodox, highly personal brand of leadership.

Kaine, 58, a former Virginia governor, Richmond mayor and Democratic National Committee chairman, was chosen after a search that included riskier and more unconventional candidates who offered greater appeal to the party’s liberal base.

He was a longtime favorite to become Clinton’s running mate, however, in part because of the political and personal attributes she considers well-suited to the governing partnership she seeks — and in part because of the calculation that the experience of a Clinton-Kaine ticket would outgun Trump’s outsider bombast.

Clinton notified supporters of her selection in a text message.

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WNU Editor: He was the man that Bill Clinton liked the most .... so I guess Hillary Clinton did take his recommendation. However .... progressives are not happy with this choice .... 4 Reasons Why Progressives Aren't Thrilled With Clinton's Pick Of Kaine (NPR). As to what is my take .... like Mile Pence, I do not know enough yet to comment properly on who and what his positions are, but with time I will. But what I do find interesting is how the media is reporting on the Tim Kaine selection .... "bold, solid, responsible, safe", etc. are just some of the words that are being used .... and that is by the wire-service AP. How did the AP report on the selection of Mike Pence .... "evangelical, divisive, establishment, hard-core". Sighhh bias .... nah.

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