Friday, July 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton Reacts To The Nice Terror Attack

Real Clear Politics: Clinton on Nice: We Need To Launch An "Intelligence Surge" In War Against "Radical Jihadist Groups"

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke to Bill O'Reilly on tonight's edition of The O'Reilly Factor about the terror attack in Nice, France. O'Reilly proposed President Obama to hold a summit with all Western nations to address the proliferation of radical Islam and how to stop it. Clinton said that would not be effective.

Clinton said we have to do more to understand this is a war against "radical jihadist groups."

"President Obama has to call a summit meeting of all the western countries, and ISIS has to be the focal point, and we all have to join together. Number two, we have to make a statement. The statement would be we know they're in Raqqah. We know this is their headquarters, and that headquarters is 35 miles away from the Turkish border, a NATO alley. We're going to come in, and that's not going to be their headquarters anymore. That's what I would do," O'Reilly told the former Secretary of State.

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Update: Hillary Clinton: U.S. is at "war" against "radical jihadist" groups (USA Today)

WNU Editor: I found this report interesting .... Hillary Clinton does first O'Reilly Factor interview in 8 years to discuss France attack (Entertainment). Why did Hillary Clinton call FOX first instead of CNN .... I like Anderson Cooper but his audience is nowhere near what FOX pulls in. More here .... O'Reilly lands live interviews with Trump, Clinton after Nice attacks (The Hill).

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