Monday, July 25, 2016

How To Weaponize A Cessna Caravan

Orbital ATK

Popular Mechanics: When a Cessna Goes to War

​The Combat Caravan could carry passengers, packages... or missiles.​

If the Cessna Caravan looks familiar to you, it should.Cessna has built more than 2,500 of these turboprops since the prototype flew in 1982. They're popular as short-haul airliners in places like the Caribbean. More than 250 Caravans haul cargo while painted in the unmistakeable colors of FedEx. But there are a small number of Caravans that haul Hellfire missiles, electro-optical targeting, and reconnaissance systems.

During the recent Farnborough Airshow in the U.K., Cessna announced it has received FAA certification and is now offering wing hard-points for the Grand Caravan EX. Hard-points are structurally reinforced sections of a wing where you mount pylons or the other structures that carry external stores like fuel tanks or weapons. The upshot: This is a Cessna that could go into battle.

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WNU Editor: They are not as well protected as an A-10, and they do not have a cannon like the A-10 .... but it can kill.

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All you need is the hard points.