Sunday, July 17, 2016

Humiliated Turkish Coup Soldiers Stripped Of Their Uniforms And Forced To Lie Beside Each Other

These soldiers were stripped of their uniforms and made to lie next to each other after being arrested

Mirror: Turkey coup: Disturbing picture shows soldiers 'bound naked' as Turkish President is warned over 'purges'

Almost 6,000 people have been arrested after Friday night's attempted coup and there are fears over how they could be treated.

This disturbing picture shows dozens of Turkish soldiers bound together after being stripped of their uniforms following their arrest.

Dozens of soldiers lie naked and handcuffed after being arrested following Friday night's coup attempt in Turkey.

The picture shows how the soldiers were stripped after being arrested in Sirnak, eastern Turkey.

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WNU Editor: For these soldiers .... and for the others who have been arrested .... it is going to get worse.

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