Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jeb Bush Talks About Donald Trump

Daily Mail: Jeb Bush says Trump will never build his Mexico wall and his believers will 'feel betrayed' – but he seems to think The Donald will win the White House

* Jeb Bush sat down with former White House communications director Nicolle Wallace for a conversation on MSNBC tonight
* Bush gave 'kudos' to Donald Trump - who he won't endorse - for 'manipulating the environment' to become the GOP's presumptive nominee
* The son and brother of a president said he wouldn't be voting for Trump nor Hilary Clinton in November this year
* The former Florida governor worried that Trump's election would lead to disappointment as the billionaire won't get his campaign promises done

Former GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush shared some rather dismal predictions for a Donald Trump presidency, but didn't discount that it could happen.

Bush sat down for his first conversation since Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee chatting with his brother's former White House communications director Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC.

The former Florida governor, who dropped his bid for the White House in February, on the night of the South Carolina primary, said voters will 'feel betrayed' by Trump because some of his campaign promises – from building a Mexican border wall to banning non-American Muslims from the country – would never materialize.

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WNU Editor: Jeb Bush was the wrong candidate, with the wrong ideas, at the wrong time. A totally uninspiring candidate .... and what is even more remarkable is that even with all the money that they had .... no one really wanted to be seen near him.

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D.Plowman said...

I've notice you've always have a opinion regarding the other candidates, including Hilary Clinton. Yet you never share one regarding Trump. Why is that?

Are you a closet supporter of Trump? :P

War News Updates Editor said...

D. Plowman. I am not a supporter. It is just that the other candidates have a lot of baggage and history .... so my opinion of them has been shaped by years of listening to them. Donald Trump is very new to the game ... there is not much out there on him when it comes to politics which for me is frustrating. He changes his mind quite often on an issue, or contradicts what he said earlier. But .... I give him credit on this .... he never hesitates to say what is on my mind, and unlike Hillary Clinton who goes to great pains to parse her words carefully and who has not given a press conference now for over 200 days, Trump is the exact opposite ... which I like. So he is a breath of fresh air, and he has shaken the political establishment .... which deservedly needs to be shaken up ... all that he needs to do is articulate more clearly on what he will do so that people like me can better understand him. On a side note .... the main stream media also hates him .... which tells me that they now perceive him as a threat .... and that is a positive for me when it comes to evaluating candidates.

I still believe that this election is Hillary Clinton's to lose. While she is a horrible candidate, she does have the establishment, big money, the media, and her base behind her (albeit reluctantly). But her policies stink ....and they will only maintain the status quo. Will Donald Trump be different .... my heart hopes that he will be, but my brain is telling me that even if he wins the election and articulates policies that I agree with 100% .... he will have a lot of problems in implementing his agenda.

What I actually should do D. Plowmann is to articulate and outline what I believe in .... to give you and my readers a prism to look through when I evaluate or comment on a candidate. To know about my biases and my preferences so that when I pass judgement .... you can understand why. Hmmmm .... I feel like I need to publish a personal post in the coming days. :)

D.Plowman said...

Cheers for the heads up.

And I agree - Trump's broad appeal is that he speaks his mind. He's not politically correct and that also has a lot of appeal. On the other hand, I regard him as an absolutely horrible person. I remember finding out about the Michael Forbe's issue, a scottish farmer in Scotland who fought (and defeated Trump) in Trump's attempt to build a golf course there. Now, more fool the farmer if you ask me for not taking Trump's 6 figure sum (it might have been more) but he stood up for his principles and refused the offer when Trump wanted him to sell his plot of land.

What sealed my opinion on Trump was his attitude to the whole thing - "Mr Trump, what shall we do concerning that local heritage building that is in the way?" "Just tear it down." "Ok. May cause some tempers to flair with the locals." Trumps response, "I don't care. Just get it out of the way. Look. I really don't care."

I remember listening to that audio clip and just shaking my head. Trump was in his car at the time and was not aware that he was being recorded.

Do the American people deserve someone better than Trump and Hilary? Most certainly yes. Will they get that person any time soon? Highly doubtful. Regardless of the fact that I think Trump is a complete a-hole, he is indeed a breath of fresh air, even if that fresh air may come with a hint of arrogance and inflated ego. But I would choose Trump any day over that devious corrupt snake that is Hilary Clinton.