Friday, July 29, 2016

Libya News Updates -- July 29, 2016

Libyan forces allied with the U.N.-backed government fire a 122 MM artillery towards Islamic State fighters positions in Sirte, Libya, July 24, 2016. (Photo: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters)

Euronews: Libya: ISIL-held city of Sirte 'on the verge of being liberated' says military

Libyan families have started to return home to Sirte after months of displacement. Forces aligned with the United Nations-backed government have been fighting street-by-street to liberate the coastal city from ISIL control.

“Our mission is to protect the coastal road and secure the road from Misrata to Sirte as well as to secure the return of families to the liberated areas. We are also searching for vehicles carrying large quantities of (black market) fuel, for fear that they may be smuggling it to ISIL,” said Libyan military official Faraj Salem Ammar.

Several hundred militants are said to remain, but are reported to have been cornered into a small area in the centre of Sirte.

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Libya News Updates -- July 29, 2016

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