Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lockheed Martin Threatens Canada, (Again) If Ottawa Does Not Buy The F-35

The change of government will likely see Canada pull out of the F-35 joint Strike Fighter Program, driving up costs for other countries. Above, a Canadian airman has his picture taken beside an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter before the start of a news conference in Ottawa in 2010. Reuters/Chris Wattie

Flight Global: Lockheed warns of industrial impact if Canada ditches F-35

Lockheed Martin may decide to move the industrial participation that Canada currently benefits from on the F-35 to another programme partner if Ottawa decides against acquiring the Lightning II, the company says.

Canada is an industrial partner on the programme, but is still evaluating which type it will acquire to replace its Boeing CF-18 fleet. As a result, Lockheed is now assessing whether the workshare that Ottawa benefits from could be carried out elsewhere.

Jeff Babione, F-35 programme lead for Lockheed, told media at the Royal International Air Tattoo on 7 July that Lockheed is “actively looking” at alternatives, but is still at the stage of determining where else the work could be carried out.

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Update: Lockheed Threatens Canada, Again: Will Cut 10k Jobs if Ottawa Discards F-35 (Sputnik).

WNU Editor: If Canada does not buy the F-35 .... and if other countries cut back their orders .... it will then be impossible for Lockheed Martin to meet this promised goal .... F-35 Unit Cost To Go Below $100 Million, Maker Says (AIN Online). More here .... Pentagon: Cost Of F-35 Jets Will Rise If Canada Pulls Out (October 24, 2015).

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