Saturday, July 30, 2016

Marines' F-35 Fire An 80-Round Burst From Its Gun Pod For The First Time (Video)

Business Insider: Watch the Marines' F-35 fire an 80-round burst from its gun pod for the first time

On July 6, at the Naval Air Station at Patuxent River, Maryland, US Marines carried out the first successful test of the F-35B's GAU-22 gun pod, Business Insider has confirmed.

Five days later, the gun pod fired it's first 80-round burst. Both tests were resoundingly successful, and the video is posted below.

Business Insider previously reported on the first test of the F-35A's integrated gun, but the gun pod, which will be used on the F-35B and C variants, is an entirely different animal.

Instead of the integrated design of the US Air Force's F-35A, the Marine Corps' F-35B and the US Navy's F-35C will feature a 220-round, 25 mm gun in a modular pod.

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WNU Editor: This gun may shoot straight, but there  are only 220 rounds available for each mission.


Jay Farquharson said...

Designed with out a gun, F-4's, after getting shot down by Mig-17's, Mig -19's and Mig 21's, they added a gun pod, which missed everything they shot at.

It wasn't until they stuck the gun inside the F-4, that F-4's started getting gun kills on Mig's.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute...a gun pod? That can't be too stealthy.

fazman said...

You forgot about the cloaking device

fazman said...

Wow a stationery test in perfect conditions.
Why even bother attatching it to the plane to test the cannon.