Friday, July 1, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 1, 2016

(Photo: Cpl. Andre Dakis/Marine Corps)

Marine Times: Marines in Iraq came under 'numerous' rocket attacks, commander says

Marines came under rocket attack several times while manning a firebase in northern Iraq, said Col. Robert Fulford, commander of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

Known as Task Force Spartan, a detachment of about 180 Marines from the MEU arrived at Makhmour, Iraq, in March to provide artillery support to Iraqi and Kurdish forces.

“The firebase did receive indirect fire rocket attacks on numerous occasions over the course of their 60-plus days in the firebase,” Fulford told reporters Thursday.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 1, 2016

Freed Fallujah not leveled, as Iraqi Army learns lesson of Ramadi -- FOX News

EXCLUSIVE: Iraqi troops pay heavy price for Fallujah victory -- Middle East Eye

The US has killed up to 2,581 fighters in Iraq, Afghanistan, And Syria since 2009 using drone strikes -- Cubic Lane

U.S. eyes military cooperation with Russia in Syria -- CNN

US ready to work with Russia to fight Syria's Islamic extremists -- The Guardian

Again, Russian warship in close call with U.S. Navy -- CNN

Putin: NATO Jets Fly Over Baltics Without Turning on Identification Devices -- Sputnik

Russia urges US to stop ‘dangerous activity’ after warship incident in Mediterranean -- TASS

Russia Preparing to Test-Fly Advanced Sarmat ICBMs -- Sputnik

Russia Fires Dozens of Military Officers in Baltic Region -- NYT

Taiwan's Navy Accidentally Fires Missile Toward China, Hits A Fishing Boat -- NPR

Taiwan Navy punishes officers for accidental missile firing -- Focus Taiwan

‘Disciplined army, able to win’: China President Xi Jinping states strategic military goal -- RT

This is South Korea’s elite cyber army that fights North Korea -- Market Watch

India firming up military ties with Vietnam -- Economic Times

India's first indigenous combat plane enters service after 33 years -- Reuters

Khamenei appoints new head of Iran's armed forces -- Al-Monitor

High-tech Israeli robot warship fires lightweight torpedo in military first -- Digotal Trends

Afghan Translators Who Helped the US Military Could Lose Their Shot at a Visa -- VICE

Israeli PM Netanyahu Hints at V-22 Orders -- Defense News

USAFE Chief: No Plans to Permanently Base F-22s in Europe -- and Stripes

US Air Force Speculates on How F-35 Would Be Used in Combat -- Sputnik

US Navy tests Magic Carpet carrier landing technology -- UPI

Drones are so done: U.S. military looking at self-driving tanks? -- Read Write

Marine Corps Rolls Out Biggest Fitness Standard Overhaul in 40 Years --

Palantir Takes Fight With Army To Federal Court -- Defense News

Generals urge GOP, Dems to reject torture in party platforms -- The Hill

Here are the new rules for transgender troops -- Military Times

31 Navy corpsmen disciplined in exam cheating ring -- Navy Times

Chinese citizen gets 30-month prison sentence for smuggling U.S. military equipment -- UPI

Pentagon Budget Caps Will Return to Confront Clinton or Trump -- Bloomberg

The U.S. Army Defeats Itself More Often Than All Its Enemies Combined -- Dan Goure, National Interest

Here’s what the US Navy learned about shark attacks during World War II -- Delano Samuels and Jessica Orwig, Business Insider

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