Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 20, 2016

The amphibious assault ship USS Boxer transits the East Sea during Exercise Ssang Yong 2016 March 8, 2016. REUTERS/U.S. NAVY/MASS COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST SEAMAN CRAIG Z. RODARTE/HANDOUT VIA REUTERS

Reuters: U.S. says its forces will keep operating in South China Sea

U.S. military forces will continue to operate in the South China Sea in accordance with international law, the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson said on Wednesday during a visit to a Chinese naval base.

China has refused to recognize a ruling by an arbitration court in The Hague that invalidated its vast territorial claims in the South China Sea and did not take part in the proceedings brought by the Philippines.

China has repeatedly blamed the United States for stirring up trouble in the South China Sea, a strategic waterway through which more than $5 trillion of trade moves annually.

China, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam all have rival claims, of which China's is the largest.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 20, 2016

The Turkish Military: In Numbers -- Forces TV

Failed coup in Turkey threatens military ties with key U.S. ally -- Military Times

Turkish defense chief assures Pentagon it will remain 'committed' to ISIS fight -- The Hill

Base in Turkey Used for US-led Missions Still Without Power -- AP

US Likely to Keep Nukes in Turkey Despite Coup Attempt -- Defense Tech

French intel: 100 jihadis enter Syria from Turkey each week -- The Hill

30 Defense Ministers Converge on Joint Base Andrews - AP

Russia Still Developing S-500 Surface-to-Air Missile Systems: Analyst -- Defense Tech

India Deploys T-72 Tanks in Ladakh to Counter China's Military Border Buildup -- The Diplomat

Top U.S., Chinese admirals discuss South China Sea disputes after ruling -- Defense News

China views Pokemon Go as a threat to its military bases -- Geek

More J-20 Stealth Fighters Built in China -- AIN Online

African leaders eye bigger role for AU forces -- DW

Crucial U.K. fleet of global-combat frigates is indefinitely delayed -- The Guardian

State Dept. approves $821 million SM-2 missile sale to Japan -- UPI

Bell, Boeing Win $544Mln Contract to Build Osprey Combat Aircraft for Japan -- Sputnik

US approves $785M bomb sale to UAE -- The Hill

Raytheon Cleared for Likely $2.6 Billion in New Missile Orders -- Bloomberg

America’s High-Tech F-35 Is Poised to Purge ISIS from 30,000 Feet -- Fiscal Times

Navy Strike Fighter Fatigue Eased by Outsourced Adversary Services, Company Says -- Sea Power

U.S. files suit against DynCorp International over Iraq contract -- Reuters

LCS Tests ‘Exceptionally Well’ in Shock Trials -- Defense News

Navy’s submarine hunts are too disturbing for marine life, California court rules -- Washington Post

Army SOF to Trade in Its Androids for iPhones -- DoD Buzz

U.S. Army switching to iPhones because Androids freeze up -- Mashable

Why Not Mobile ICBMs? -- James Hasik, Atlantic Journal

Blaming the military for police shootings is too easy -- Salena Zito, The Hill

Hacker behind 2015 military contractor breach: 'Hopefully it can set them back a bit' -- The Hill

Why the CIA Has to Read This Comic Before You Can -- GQ

Cross-Domain Fires: US Military's Master Plan to Win the Wars of the Future -- Chris Osborn, National Interest

70 Years Ago, the U.S. Military Set Off a Nuke Underwater, And It Went Very Badly -- Sarah Laskow, Atlas Obscura

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