Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More Videos Emerge On How Deadly The Turkish Coup Attempt Was In The First Hours

Daily Mail: Shocking moment a rebel helicopter airstrike blew up civilians outside President Erdogan's palace during failed Turkish coup

* CCTV footage shows a helicopter fire on people on a highway in Turkey
* Cars are obliterated and people run for their lives in the video
* The airstrike reportedly happened during the failed coup attempt on July 15
* 265 people were killed in the coup attempt, 145 of them civilians
* Government officials have been sharing footage, citing it as evidence
* WARNING: Disturbing footage

Shocking video has emerged of the moment an airstrike rained down on civilians near President Tayyip Erdogan's presidential palace during the failed Turkish coup.

The disturbing CCTV footage shows a helicopter gunship, reportedly manned by rebel soldiers, fire on people dashing desperately across a highway near the palace in the capital Ankara.

After the huge blast, a thick plume of black smoke billows up into the sky and frightened civilians run in all directions across the highway.

The video also captures a laser sight dancing just in front of the person filming.

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WNU Editor: It is rare to see videos (up close) on how deadly these weapon systems can be ... but these videos capture it.

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