Friday, July 29, 2016

Mystery Fireball Seen Over Utah, Nevada and Californiia Was From A Chinese Rocket Breaking Up After Launch

Daily Mail: Mystery fireballs that lit up the nights sky across three states sparking fears they could be a plane disintegrating or a meteor shower are revealed to be a Chinese rocket breaking up after launch

* Mystery fireballs were spotted across Utah, Nevada and California
* They streaked past the sky as many feared they could be a plane disintegrating or some guessed it was a meteor shower
* The objects were later revealed to be debris from a Chinese rocket launch
* The objects were traveling at about 18,000mph some 50 miles overhead

Thousands of people across three US states watched the night sky in awe on Wednesday as mystery fireballs streaked past.

Many feared they could be a plane disintegrating while others guessed it was a meteor shower.

It was later revealed the objects ablaze — seen in Utah, Nevada and Californiia — were debris from the Chinese rocket launched last month and were travelling at around 18,000mph, about 50 miles overhead, the LA Times reported.

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Update: Streak of light across night sky is reentry of decaying Chinese rocket, defense officials say (LA Times).

WNU Editor: My brother lives in California. He saw this .... and was impressed.

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