Tuesday, July 19, 2016

News Updates On Turkey -- July 19, 2016

Daily Mail: 'I could have DIED': Turkey dictator Recep Erdogan says coup wasn't staged to tighten his iron grip on power as 7,500 'ringleaders' are arrested

* Recep Erdogan accused of staging Friday's bloody coup to cement power
* His enemy, Muslim cleric Fetullah Gulen said violence could have been orchestrated
* But the tyrant angrily denied the claims saying he could have been killed
* He fled a holiday home on Marmaris coast when troops moved in to shoot
* Dictator said: ‘If I had stayed an extra ten or 15 minutes more I would have been killed or taken hostage.'

Turkey tyrant Recep Erdogan today denied claims he staged Friday's coup to tighten his grip on power and claimed: 'I could have died.'

The dictator was holidaying in Marmaris soldiers in tanks, helicopters and F16s stormed the capital Ankara and Istanbul.

‘Two of my personal body guards were martyred [in Marmaris],’ Mr Erdogan said, describing the dramatic moment he fled the beach front holiday home.

‘If I had stayed an extra ten or 15 minutes more I would have been killed or taken hostage,’ he added.

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News Updates On Turkey -- July 19, 2016

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Turkey preparing extradition request for U.S.-based cleric: Erdogan spokesman -- Reuters
U.S. has not received Turkey extradition request for cleric: U.S. official -- Reuters
WikiLeaks suffers ‘sustained attack’ after announcing megaleak of Turkey govt docs -- RT
Wikileaks comes under 'sustained attack' after promising to expose 300,000 internal Turkish government emails -- Daily Mail
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