Tuesday, July 19, 2016

North Korea Launches Three Ballistic Missiles Into The Sea

DW: North Korea launches ballistic missiles, South Korea says

South Korea's military has said its neighbor to the north launched three ballistic missiles. Pyongyang had earlier threatened to retaliate following the deployment of a US anti-missile system on the peninsula.

The South Korean military said on Tuesday the missiles flew between 500 and 600 kilometers (310-372 miles), a range long enough to be able to reach all of South Korea.

The missiles were launched toward the east from somewhere in the North's western region of Hwangju, according to the South's military officials.

The launch is the latest in a string of missile tests conducted by Pyongyang since the beginning of 2016. Seoul added that it was keeping close tabs on its northern neighbor.

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This is a very expensive way to build up a mine field in their waters...