Sunday, July 17, 2016

Over 100,000 Venezuelans Cross Into Colombia To Buy Food And Medicine

Reuters: Thousands Of Venezuelans Cross Into Colombia In Search Of Food And Medicine

Venezuela’s economic crisis has left shortages of basic necessities.

Thousands of Venezuelans streamed into neighboring Colombia on Sunday to take advantage of a temporary opening of the border to buy food and medicine unavailable at home in their country's collapsing economy.

Socialist President Nicolas Maduro shut the border last year in an effort to crack down on smuggling of subsidized products. Venezuela's product shortages have since worsened, creating further incentives to buy goods in Colombia and bring them back.

A plunge in global oil prices have left the OPEC nation's government unable to maintain lavish subsidies created during the rule of late President Hugo Chavez, while currency controls have left businesses struggling to obtain raw materials and machine parts.

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WNU Editor: This photo sums up how bad the situation has become in Venezuela.

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