Monday, July 11, 2016

Poll: A Majority of Americans Disapprove The FBI's Recommendation Not To Charge Hillary Clinton On Emails

ABC News: Majority Disapproves of Decision Not to Charge Clinton on Emails (POLL)

A majority of Americans disapproves of the FBI's recommendation not to charge Hillary Clinton with a crime over her handling of email while secretary of state, and a similar number in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll say the issue leaves them worried about how she'd handle her responsibilities as president if elected.

Most also say the email controversy won't affect their vote choice in the presidential election. But more say it leaves them less rather than more likely to support Clinton, 28 percent vs. 10 percent.

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WNU Editor: It has been a week since the FBI decided to not recommend any charges against Hillary Clinton on her use of a private email server .... but the controversy continues. What's my take .... upon reflection I can now understand why FBI Director James Comey decided to bow out from levelling any charges, he does not want to impact a Presidential election. Instead .... he has laid out the facts, and is telling us to make up the decision ourselves. The political cartoon below pretty well sums it up.

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