Monday, July 25, 2016

Polls: Post Convention Bounce For Donald Trump

CNN: Donald Trump bounces into the lead

(CNN)The bounce is back.

Donald Trump comes out of his convention ahead of Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House, topping her 44% to 39% in a four-way matchup including Gary Johnson (9%) and Jill Stein (3%) and by three points in a two-way head-to-head, 48% to 45%. That latter finding represents a 6-point convention bounce for Trump, which are traditionally measured in two-way matchups.

There hasn't been a significant post-convention bounce in CNN's polling since 2000. That year Al Gore and George W. Bush both boosted their numbers by an identical 8 points post-convention before ultimately battling all the way to the Supreme Court.

National polls don't have a large enough sample to accurately reflect the state of play in key battlegrounds, and there is little information thus far on how Trump's convention performance has affected the presidential race state-by-state.

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Update: This is who the Democrats listen to when it comes to polls .... NATE SILVER: Donald Trump would most likely win the election if it were held today (Business Insider).

WNU Editor: Someone just asked me on what polls do I follow. There are primarily two .... Real Clear Politics poll averages (the link is here). and (I like this one) .... The USC Dornsife/LA Times Presidential election "daybreak" poll (the link is here).

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