Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Prominent Journalist In Kiev Assassinated By Car Bomb

Daily Mail: Prominent journalist and critic of Vladimir Putin killed in a car bombing in Ukraine while driving to work

* The 44-year old Belarusian-born journalist was murdered on Wednesday
* He irked officials in Belarus and Russia before he moved to Ukraine
* Sheremet worked for Ukraine's top online news website Ukrainska Pravda
* The car he was driving was owned by its editor-in-chief Olena Prytula
* An improvised explosive device was planted underneath the driver's seat

A prominent journalist and critic of Vladimir Putin has been killed in a car explosion in central Kiev.

Ukrainian authorities are treating 44-year-old Pavel Sheremet's death as murder.

Two eyewitnesses told Reuters they heard a loud blast and saw an explosion from underneath the car, which was found charred in the middle of the cobbled street.

The car exploded soon after Sheremet left his home in the Ukrainian capital and the vehicle was burned out completely.

Police believe an explosive device was placed under the driver's seat.

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WNU Editor: In a country that has become accustomed to violence and murder, this is a shock for most Ukrainians. He was a well radio personality, and his reporting had a huge following. As to who had him killed .... that list is very long. On a side note, Pavel Sheremet met the dissident Russian politician Boris Nemtsov a few days before he was assassinated in Moscow last year.

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